You are making a big things happen in the world.  You are in a position of influence and you are ready to maximize your impact. Your days are crazy and stressful, with so many people needing your time, attention and energy that it leaves little time for yourself and your health. Your high-stress career, home, family, and your well-being all compete for your time and energy. Trying to juggle all these responsibilities can leave you feeling stressed, tired, sick, and with little time to recharge and reboot. You are ready to optimize your mind, body, and life! 


Introducing our Executive Accelerate Experience:

Executive Accelerate is a program designed for you to experience the highest level of health, productivity and impact in your life.

The one where you are able to feel great in your body, manage your stress levels AND be incredibly effective at your work. Our approach to executive health considers all the aspects that may be impacting your ability to feel balanced, motivated, focused, and productive. Our model is designed to increase your performance and productivity in every area of your life using the latest technology and scientific research, tools, and supplementation to maximize your life. 


We understand the challenges you face each day and know how hard it is to dedicate the hours required for your work while still maintaining a personal life with family and friends, and on top of all this having to worry about your health or making time for keeping fit. That is why I've created this experience. I've seen so many high level executives burn out because of the demands and stress (myself included) and we're here to show you that there is another way. We want to give you all our tools, resources, and secrets to help you create a life you love. You will experience the most innovative testing available and receive the most detailed and specific report, with precise and personalized recommendations for you.  We will then spend three days together at a beautiful location in Sedona, Arizona. This is a personally tailored experience customized specifically for you in a very small and intimate group setting, and you will have support before, during, and after your Accelerate experience to create sustainable, lasting results.  

To prepare for our Accelerate experience you will complete extensive testing; we will then create a fully customized protocol and program for you.  You will complete a Micronutrient test to measure the function of 35 nutritional components including vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids.   You will also complete a comprehensive test which examines specific genetic markers to give you personal insight about how your body processes sugars, fats, vitamins and nutrients along with a detailed analysis on how your body responds to exercise and nutrition based upon your genetics. By providing an individualized roadmap of strategies and recommendations, our testing guides you towards optimal health.


What you can expect: We will schedule our preliminary call 45 days prior to your experience to begin planning our time together. We will have the testing scheduled so that you can complete each element with ease.  We will book the dates for your experience and you will begin the preparation for Accelerate.  

  • When you arrive for your three day adventure, we will begin with an elegant dinner experience the first evening on the resort property where you will learn how to eat mindfully and with intention.
  • We will get started early the next morning with breakfast and meditation, yoga and movement followed by a full day of learning. I’ll share my favorite tools and tips to create more energy from the inside out by adding new habits to your daily routine.
  • We will craft an energy management program that will set you up for success for your new healthy lifestyle. I’ll work with you to draft a life manifesto where we explore and craft your vision for your very best life.
  • We can explore relationships, business strategy, home and environment, health and wellbeing, spiritual practice, etc. Whatever you desire. 
  • We will have an afternoon activity that will help to anchor your new habits, again very personalized for you in support of the new version of your life.
  • Our last day together will be focused on creating a sustainable lifestyle redesign to incorporate and automate the protocol and recommendations with ease.  
  • You will leave this weekend feeling inspired and ready to go back home and execute your plan. You will receive a supplementation protocol, nutrition program, fitness device for tracking activity and mindfulness, along with follow up coaching.  
  • When you go home you will be fully supported ongoing with optional healthy meal delivery* right to you door along with supplements* and any additional support you need based on your protocol.  

We will also have follow up calls at 30 days and again at 60 days to make sure you are still on track and talk about anything that might be showing up for you. 

Your all inclusive investment of $8997 for the Executive Experience includes:

*Consultation one hour in advance of your weekend experience.

*Micronutrient testing, Nutrition and Fitness Genetic Testing, and other optional testing (at additional investment)

*Accommodations of 2 nights 

*Dinner on Day One, all meals on Day two, Breakfast and lunch on Day three

*Special gifts for nourishing self care

*Three months of follow up 1:1 coaching (monthly calls with unlimited email support)

*Fitness device and first month of supplements included, ongoing months of supplements and food delivery additional charge

If you have questions or are ready to embark on your weekend experience you can email me to schedule a time for us to chat or to register. Space is very limited for this experience so reach out asap if you feel called to this experience. 

This experience is available in Sedona, Arizona in February and September 2018 and Mallorca, Spain in March 2018 . Application is required to participate, please inquire to submit. I look forward to working with you!